Private Wine Tastings in Richmond, VA.

Let’s make your next event something everyone will talk about for years to come! When working with All About The Grapes, you get to treat your closest friends, family, co-workers, or clients to a private, in-home, horizontal wine tasting.

A Private Wine Event That’s All About You!

When you book an event with All About The Grapes, everything is completely customized with you in mind. You will receive a one-on-one consultation with Jana to uncover your specific wants and needs for your event to ensure that we provide the highest quality experience for you and your guests.

All About Your Tasting Experience

Sit back and relax with your closest friends, family, co-workers, or clients while getting to learn all about wine in a private, intimate setting of your choice!

Prefer to stay home and invite your party to your place? Perfect, let’s do it!

Maybe you’d rather scale up the experience and rent out your own space and have us come to that venue instead? We’re all about it!

What’s truly unique about the experience we provide is it is completely customized to you, your party, your taste, and your location of choice! What could be better than that?

You also get to enjoy one or two varietals of wine (6-8 bottles total) with a charcuterie board suited for the number of attendees in your party while Jana provides a super fun and educational experience that your party will be floored by!

Jana will travel to your destination of choice and provide the wine and food for your horizontal wine tasting for a minimum of 4 people.

The Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Wine Tastings

At All About The Grapes, we provide horizontal wine tasting experiences.

In a horizontal wine tasting, you are tasting wines of the same vintage (the year the grapes were picked) or the same varietal, but from different wineries.

A vertical tasting compares a number of wines from a single producer/winery, where all of the wines are produced under the same name or label but come from different years.

Private Wine Tasting in Richmond VA

All About The Varietals

Varietal refers to the type of grape that is used in making wine. Jana will help you understand the key characteristics of each varietal to help you identify the wines you like.

Wine Tasting in Richmond VA

All About What’s Included

  • A 90-minute, fun, and educational experience with sommelier in training, Jana Powell.
  • 4-6 wines of one or two varietals of your choosing.
  • Education about your chosen varietal/s.
  • Charcuterie board suited for number of event attendees.
Jana Powell - Sommelier in Richmond VA

Meet Our Sommelier, Jana Powell

Jana Powell is currently studying to become a Sommelier.

The concept of All About The Grapes came about very organically as Jana has always had an affinity towards wine, education, and having fun! Jana is passionate about helping others learn about grape varieties, wines, and wine and food pairings so they can expand their horizons and be inspired to try new and exciting avenues!

All About The Private Events We Love To Be Invited To

Private parties: 4-12 people. (Please call if your party has more than 12.)


What could be more of an intimate gathering than coming together to celebrate the life and love two people share with one another? Sometimes anniversary gifts can be difficult to pick out. There are so many options, and you never know if the couple will really like your gift.

Instead of a physical gift, give the gift of an experience that the couple’s closest friends and family can share with them. Create lasting memories for the couple that means the most to you!

Bachelorette Parties

Are you the lucky Maid or Matron of Honor in charge of putting together an incredible Bachelorette Party for the Bride-to-Be? Now is your time to shine by treating the bride and the rest of the bridal party to an intimate, sophisticated, and fun experience!

Nothing quite says welcome to the next chapter of your life than sipping wine with your friends and family before you tie the knot!

Bridal Showers

Are you the lucky family member or best friend in charge of planning the Bridal Shower for the Bride-to-Be? Now is your time to shine by treating the bride and her closest friends and family to an intimate, sophisticated, and fun experience!

Nothing quite says welcome to the next chapter of your life than sipping wine with your friends and family before you tie the knot!

Birthday Parties

It’s someone in your life’s special day! It only comes around once a year, so why not treat the guest of honor to something really special? Birthday parties are the perfect time to be with friends and family to celebrate the one you love on their special day, and what could be better than opening gifts, cake, and tasting new wine with lots of laughs and fun?

Sounds like providing the gift of a horizontal wine tasting could make their day extra special!

Housewarming Parties

Looking to do something extra special for your friends or family that finally made the leap and bought a new home? A private, in-home wine tasting could be the perfect housewarming gift for the new homeowners!

Celebrate the new keys and break in the new home with an event that will truly make the best memories with your friends and family!

Special Occasions

No matter what special occasion may be taking place in your life, we are here to help make your event special and memorable.

Whether you’re celebrating a promotion, hosting a going away party, celebrating a graduation, hosting a girl’s night, or any other special event, a horizontal wine tasting with All About The Grapes will bring everyone you care about together to make memories that last a lifetime!

All About The Grapes Wine Tastings
All About The Grapes Wine Tastings
Wine Tasting in Richmond VA
Wine Tasting in Richmond VA

All About The Corporate Events We Love To Be Invited To

Corporate parties: 4-12 people. (Please call if your party has more than 12.)

Client Appreciation

Your biggest client is coming up on their anniversary of working with you. What in the world could you possibly give them to thank them for their business? What kind of gift would really WOW them and make your company stand apart from others?

What would make you seem thoughtful and grateful for their relationship? An experience that you can share with them and their team of course! An experience like this will last much longer than a fruit basket with a thank you note.

Executive Retreats

You and your team have worked your tail off this quarter. It’s been a grueling 3 months of paperwork, project management, managing employees, focusing on hitting your targets, and now it’s time to celebrate all of your hard work by getting the executive team together to blow off some steam.

Keep it professional and sophisticated with a private wine tasting! Learn all about wine in a private setting with your team while disconnecting from the daily stresses the office can bring.

Holiday Parties

You’ve had such a successful year and it’s finally time to bring everyone in the office together to celebrate for your annual holiday party! Sure, you’ll do the Secret Santa or Elephant Gift Exchange, but why not shake things up this year and host a private wine tasting to really ring in the holiday season with your work family?

Talk about adding a dash of elegance to your holiday party and become the talk of the office!

Promotion Parties

Is someone on your team getting a promotion? With such an exciting event happening, it’s only right to show them how much you truly appreciate them by throwing them a promotion party!

Not only will you get to celebrate in the comfort of your office or in the event space of choice, but you can host up to 12 of your co-workers to join in on this fun and educational experience!

Special Celebrations

What better way to incentivize performance for your team than to treat the top performer to a private wine tasting with some of their closest friends? Maybe you need to woo a prospective client or you’re trying to win a big account and you need something to help you stand out.

No matter what special event, celebration, or appreciation event you are trying to put together, an experience speaks louder than just about anything!

V.I.P. Parties

Oh boy, it’s that time of year again… Corporate is coming in for a visit and you know you must do something special for them to really make their experience memorable. Should you take them out to dinner? No way! Why not give them a world class private tasting?!

Treat your VIPs to a horizontal wine tasting comprised of a comprehensive educational experience that’s full of laughs and lots of fun!

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Wine Tasting FAQ

I love wine tasting but I want to have a good, quiet experience. Can I?

Yes. Wine tastings are more fun when the group is intimate and there’s good chemistry in the room. We offer private wine tastings for this very reason.

How long does a wine tasting last?

Your private wine tasting with All About The Grapes will last for 90 minutes.

Do you have to be 21 to wine taste?

Yes. We must ensure that everyone tasting wine is 21 years old or older.

Can I drive after wine tasting?

We recommend that your designated driver be sober and doesn’t consume (swallow) wine during the tasting.

What is the central goal (or goals) of wine tasting?

The goal of a wine tasting with All About The Grapes is to create memories, an experience that includes education and fun and leads you to your next favorite wine.

Can you teach me how to select wine?

Yes! That’s part of the educational experience of a private wine tasting with All About The Grapes.

Do you offer private wine tours or food tours?

No. Currently we do not offer private tours or tour guides for food and wine, wineries, or wine bars.

Where do you get the wines from?

Be prepared for a wine selection from different regions all over the world! Your private tasting may include selections from New Zealand, Australia, France, South Africa, Chili, Napa Valley Wine Country, or the James River, for those who would like to taste Richmond wines and Virginia Wines.

What are some tips for hosting a fun wine tasting party?

Choose a theme, limit the party size to 10 or fewer, and make it educational.

Is wine tasting just a classier version of day drinking?

If your wine tasting event is during the daytime, you will be day drinking, the classy way.

Are you supposed to spit out wine at a wine tasting?

The 4 S’s of wine tasting are: swirl, sniff, sip, and spit. Spitting out the wine can help prevent you from getting drunk at a wine tasting.

Do you swallow wine at a wine tasting?

Yes, you can swallow the wine. We recommend small swallows. But you must be aware of your own alcohol tolerance and know that drinking wine will cause you to become intoxicated.

What should I know before I go wine tasting?

You will be tasting a variety of wines and the goal is for you to discover your new favorite.

How much wine is served at a wine tasting?

For each person, 2-3oz of wine is poured into their glass to taste. That’s about half the size of a normal serving of wine. There are about 10 tasting servings in a bottle of wine.

When wine tasting, is it appropriate to tip the server?

Yes, tipping the server is a good gesture.

What are the positive benefits of going to wine tastings?

You’ll taste and smell a variety of wines, you’ll learn about food and wine pairings and pricing/value of different wines, and you’ll get to spend time with people you love.

How many tasting pours are in a full glass of wine?

A full glass of wine has two tasting pours in it.

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